Ventless Portable Air Conditioner - Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing One

Carina Henriette

A ventless portable air conditioner is a great alternative to the old style ducted models that require the installation of vents in the walls of your home. There is really no such thing as a ventless portable air conditioner, which does not require a duct or without some sort of hose. You see, most air conditioning units come with ducts and they must be installed for the unit to work correctly. They are bulky and need to have a vent installed so that they can effectively remove the moisture from the air.

While these are great choices for your home, they are not ideal for your business location. They are also somewhat expensive compared to the rest of the market. You may also have problems with them running if they are in a humid area or hot part of the country. However, there are new models that use evaporation instead of a conventional ventilation system. They are still very effective and you will save money on your energy bill when you use this type of cooler air conditioning.

The evaporative air cooler actually cools the air by using the principles of evaporation and the condensation process. The water vapor is extracted from the air through the evaporator coil and then it is condensed into a liquid that the fan pushes through the evaporator coils where it returns to the exterior. The amount of water vapor in your room is reduced and you get cooler air in your home.

These portable evaporative cooler models are available in three options. They are; the single room portable evaporative cooler, the two-room portable evaporative cooler, and the three-room portable evaporative cooler. With the three-room evaporative cooler, you are provided with an electronic timer which helps in regulating the cooling session. This is important as some of the models have a rapid cooling rate and they can pose a threat to your health. In addition, an additional remote control unit is also included in the package.

The first thing that you should check while buying a ventless unit is whether it has a remote control. This is important especially if the unit is placed in a location where you cannot access it easily. In addition, if it is placed in a location where you cannot hear the ticking of the timer, you should check whether it has a water level indicator or not. A water level indicator helps you regulate the water supply for the evaporator; hence, it is important.

The second thing that you should check is whether the model you buy has a humidistat. This is because the evaporative swamp cooler requires constant moisture control for efficient cooling. Hence, a humidistat helps in maintaining the humidity levels indoors and outdoor use.

The next thing that you should check when purchasing a swamp cooler is whether it comes with a cool mist control or not. Some of the evaporative air coolers come with a built-in cool mist control. For better air quality, it is advisable to purchase one that has excellent features. The evaporative cooler with excellent features includes a seven.5-hour timer, low battery indication, built-in hygrometer, and stainless steel exterior. It has been made using the best quality aluminum, copper, and heat-resistant material.

Finally, you should check whether the cooling system of the portable evaporative air cooler is ductless or not. Portable evaporative air cooler systems with ductless cooling systems are more efficient. Moreover, they are economical and easier to install. They also offer superior performance compared to the traditional forced air cooling systems. The compact size and the affordable price are the other advantages of using these coolers.