Upgrading to an Electric Bike This Year? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Daniel Wellington

Cycling has become one of the world’s most popular ways to keep fit in the past years, but it also offers a great form of transportation for many bike users. Electric bikes have become far more commonplace in the past year or two and are now being considered by bike users around the world for their performance and comfort benefits. Here we’re going to share with you everything you need to know about purchasing an electric bike this year.

What are the Benefits of an Electric Bike?

An electric bike, or e-bike, is perfect for anyone who is not as confident with cycling long distances. If you are out of shape or haven’t cycled in many years, you may find an electric bike to be the perfect way to get back into cycling. Electric bikes give you the extra power and energy you need to keep going through long distances and give you that little bit of extra help up hills or when you are tired.

An electric bike offers the transportation benefits of a regular bike, as it’s an environmentally friendly means of transportation. At weekends, you’ll enjoy exploring the world around you and finding new areas to cycle within your home town. You’ll still enjoy a good workout on your e-bike, but you won’t feel as exhausted when you arrive to work or to meet your friends after cycling.

Different Types of Electric Bike

When you start comparing electric bikes, you’ll notice different types of models mentioned. Firstly, an e-commuter bike is generally purchased for use in a city or urban area. These have a flat bar and are great for anyone cycling long distances to work each day. The batteries are larger on this type of bike, which allows you to go to and from work without having to recharge the device. The battery can be quickly and easily removed if need be, and you could charge it in your office before heading home for the night. Expect this type of bike to come with bike lights and a rear rack, which make traveling to work in this manner more convenient. The Ridgeback Electron is a popular type of e-commuter bike.

Another option for an electric bike is converting your regular bike. This is not necessarily going to save you much money, but it will allow you to keep a bike that you feel comfortable riding each day. If you do go this route, ensure you have a comfortable bike seat for your bike. E-MTBs are another good option for more casual cyclists, and they are a little heavier than e-commuter bikes. They have a powerful motor and are great for use on trails and exploring off-road.

Finally, e-road bikes are good for cycling on roads with extreme climbs and descents. They are a great option for anyone who feels they are a little out of shape and is looking to join social cycles. They’ll give even the most unfit individuals the power to keep up with the best cyclists in the group.


The battery is the main component that sets e-bikes apart from regular bikes and will determine how far you can go on a single ride or day. If you are cycling on more challenging routes, the battery will also determine how easy it will be to complete. You’ll see most batteries on electric bikes, measures in Watt hours (Wh). To find out how far your battery will take you, divide the Wh by 20 to get an idea of the mileage. 

A good e-bike will have an LED display on the handlebars, which will show you the battery life as you ride. You’ll be able to keep up to date with the statistics of your ride and ensure you have enough power to get you home. When it comes to recharging your battery, you’ll simply remove it from the bike and put it into the mains power. Most batteries will take just three or four hours to recharge.

Maintaining an E-Bike

One of the biggest concerns with an electric bike is the potential cost and hassle of maintenance. E-bikes generally require the same level of care and attention as a regular bike, although you may want to use a professional for servicing the bike. While the initial cost of the bike may be more than a regular bike, you’ll generally find it doesn’t cost much more to maintain. They are very durable devices that only need servicing from time to time. Of course, the chain, gears, and brakes are most likely to need attention, in the same way a regular bike would. If you find an issue with the motor or battery, that’s when we recommend taking it to a professional if you are unsure what to do to ensure you don’t cause more damage.

Of course, e-bikes come in a whole host of sizes and designs and are available for both men and women. E-bikes are increasing in popularity around the world and offer a powerful tool for commuting to and from work each day. We highly recommend considering an e-bike for your next bike purchase, as these are only bound to increase in popularity and price in coming years. You’ll soon find that an e-bike helps you finish your journey every day without feeling as tired as before, making it an environmentally-friendly way of commuting to work each day without feeling exhausted.