Top Alternatives to an iPad in 2021

Daniel Wellington

While the iPad is the most popular tablet on the market today, not everyone wants to use an Apple device or to pay for this pricey tablet. Regardless of your reason for purchasing a tablet this year, you’ll find there are dozens of great alternatives to buying an iPad. However, when it comes to purchasing a non-Apple tablet, there are certain things we always recommend looking out for. By considering these aspects of your purchase, you’ll find a device that you enjoy using every day, and that performs all the tasks you need and expect of it.

What are you planning to use your new tablet for?

Before purchasing a tablet, we always recommend that you decide what exactly you are purchasing the device for. For example, the basic iPad or an Amazon Fire is ideal for everyday content consumption and scrolling and can perform the same tasks as many top-of-the-range smartphones do. The Amazon Fire HD 10 is a great budget-friendly alternative to an iPad and is perfect for watching television and your favorite video streaming services. You can enjoy scrolling Facebook and Instagram on this device which offers up to 12 hours of battery life with one charge. Amazon tablets are great for kids and teenagers and offer a simple interface that’s easy for first-time tablet users to navigate. On the other hand, some people purchase a tablet with at least 16 GM of RAM in order to replace the need for their laptop. Models such as the Surface Pro 7 compete with the iPad Pro and might quickly become the main device that you use for work and personal browsing. You’ll want to consider cases or keyboards to go with these devices, and then you’ll have something that can compete with even the best laptops. If you are looking for a more professional tablet, consider Microsoft or Window-powered tablets. A stylus or pen is also a great addition to any tablet, but you’ll need to keep all accessory costs in mind if you are trying to transform this device into a laptop.

Do any other tablets offer the same quality as an iPad?

When you think of a tablet, the iPad is the first device that springs to mind. For many users, they find iPads to be far too expensive, especially for the more advanced models. However, these devices are popular for many reasons, including their excellent screen and audio quality. The iPad Pro is one of our favorite devices, but we understand that it’s quite a costly purchase for many people, especially when you add accessories to the price.

For those on a budget, we always recommend looking at the Amazon Fire tablet line first. While we don’t think the screen quality is quite as good as the iPad, it’s great for watching TV shows or videos. For anyone who enjoys drawing, consider a specific drawing tablet such as the Simbans PicassoTab. This 10-inch drawing tablet comes with a stylus pen and is available in two different memory sizes. For drawing, we actually find many of these tablets to be far superior to the iPad, as they are designed for this reason alone.

How to Choose the Best Tablet in 2021

One of the most common reasons for avoiding an iPad is that users don’t feel it’s compatible with their Android phone. One of the great advantages of this route of thinking is that you actually increase the options available to you today. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is one of our favorite devices to use with Android apps and has a fantastic screen. In fact, almost all of the 2021 Samsung Tablets would be a great alternative to an iPad. Samsung is known for its high-quality electronic devices, and yet they come in at half the price of a basic iPad. When choosing your new tablet, try to decide what size screen you are looking for. If you are looking for a portable device to take with you on trips or to work each day, something in the nine to eleven-inch range will be your best bet. When you start getting up to thirteen or fourteen inches, you’ll find this is more like a laptop and will require additional protection when on the go. Along with the size, look at the weight of any tablet you are considering. Some of these devices can be quite hefty for carrying around all day, which isn’t ideal if you are adding it to your backpack or briefcase.

The memory is also well worth researching, and if you can afford it, we always encourage you to upgrade to the highest possible option. Most tablets from a company such as Samsung come with a 32GB capacity, which will be enough for most users. If taking photos is of top importance to you, compare the camera on your new tablet. For many users, their tablet will never replace their phone camera, but it’s something that’s worth considering. This is especially important if you are going to use your iPad for Zoom calls this year.

There are many great options on the market today which come at a much lower price point than the iPad. We highly recommend the Amazon Fire and Samsung ranges, all of which offer multiple products for tablet users to choose from this year.