How to Select the Best Backpack on a Budget this Summer

Mark Preston

A backpack is one of the most popular types of bag for men, women, and children of all ages. With summer fast approaching, more of us are planning to travel or explore near our home town this year. However, when it comes to buying a new backpack, the prices vary wildly. When you are selecting a backpack on a budget, there are certain things you should always look for. Regardless of whether you are purchasing a new bag for work or leisure purposes, you’ll want to consider the items below to ensure you find the best budget backpack option for your needs this year.

What Type of Backpack Should I Choose?

It’s easy to think that all backpacks look the same but just have a slightly different size or color. That’s far from the truth though. Backpacks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, all of which are designed for different uses. If you see a bag described as a rucksack, this means it traditionally has a flap over the top of the backpack. Many users like this style of backpack as it offers extra security when they are out and about.

Some business workers or technology enthusiasts like to find bags that have space to carry their laptops or camera. There are bags that are specially designed to carry these items, and they offer additional pockets and protection for your expensive devices. If you are a keen hiker, consider a hydration backpack, which has a water dispenser or space for a water bottle built in. For anyone who is concerned about security, we always recommend looking for a bag with an anti-theft design, which will allow you to protect your belongings on the go.

Backpack Materials

Even if you are opting for a budget friendly backpack, you’ll still want to ensure you find one that will last you for the next year or two. Choose a durable material such as nylon or polyester, which offers a heavy duty backpack material that’s ideal for travel and daily use. Canvas and leather are other popular choices for backpacks, however, they are often more pricey than nylon and polyester. When choosing a new backpack, pay attention to the stitching on the bag. Many users find they have to replace bags quickly due to the stitching breaking on a new backpack. Try to find a bag that has double stitching, but also avoid adding too much weight to your backpack when you’re on the move.


There’s nothing worse than walking around with your backpack on your back all day long, just to come home with an aching back and shoulders. If you are planning to take a new budget backpack on a long hike or you are out for a full day of meetings, ensure it is comfy to wear all day long. Cheap backpacks can still be comfortable to wear, so don’t sacrifice this feature for a lower price. Make sure any backpack you purchase has adjustable shoulder straps, so you can fit the bag properly to your body. For anyone that is purchasing a new backpack for hiking or traveling, you may also want to look for a sternum or hip strap to take the extra weight off your body, such as on the Loowoko Hiking Backpack. Many bags today have padded shoulders and back compartments, which can make wearing the bag for an extended period more enjoyable. If you are planning to travel, you may also want to consider a suitcase set instead, which can be wheeled along.

Capacity and Storage Compartments

Before purchasing a backpack, decide how much you are planning to carry in it each day. Most backpacks offer a capacity of about 20 to 40 liters, but you can get much smaller and larger ones also. If you have a large laptop, ensure the measurements of your new backpack are adequate to fit the size of your screen. A front pocket is always handy on a budget backpack and offers you easy access to items you’ll need throughout the day. Also, look for small side pockets, which you can add a water bottle or umbrella to. Finally, if you are carrying valuables, such as keys, your phone, or passport, you’ll want to find a hidden and secure pocket that will keep these out of sight when you are traveling through busy streets and airports.


Just because you are trying to purchase a new backpack on a budget, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Just like with any other type of bag, a backpack should be something that you enjoy using every day and reflects your personal style. Think about when and where you are going to use your backpack, and choose a style and color that fits those situations. If you are purchasing a bag for work, don’t get something too patterned or bold, as you’ll want to look professional at all times. On the other hand, for leisure activities, a woman might want to find one with a floral pattern or a stylish Tuscany Leather bag that reflects her personal style and taste. A backpack can make a great first impression on anyone you meet, so keep that in mind when purchasing your next bag.

Keep all of these aspects in mind when buying a new backpack this year. Regardless of your budget, you can still find a comfortable and practical backpack that you’ll enjoy wearing every day.