Free Same-Day Delivery with Amazon Prime

Daniel Wellington

Amazon Prime Day is nearly upon us, and we can’t wait to see some of the incredible deals that Amazon shares with us on June 21st and June 22nd, 2021. However, for Amazon Prime members, there are some amazing benefits available all year round with your membership. Today we’re going to shine a spotlight on one of our favorite Amazon Prime perks, FREE Same-Day Delivery. If you love shopping online, this is one of the biggest advantages of using Amazon Prime, as you can enjoy receiving your products on the same day, saving you from fighting against the crowds in stores.

What is Amazon Prime?

Before going any further, let’s take a look at what Amazon Prime offers. Amazon Prime is a monthly subscription service from Amazon which offers a wide range of perks. It’s receiving a lot of attention currently due to the upcoming Amazon Prime Day, a two-day shopping event where customers can save up to 70% on their shopping. Amazon Prime offers new users a free 30-day trial, and after that, it costs just $13 a month. On top of the shopping perks and free shipping you receive when using the site, you’ll also enjoy using Prime Video and a wide range of other services associated with the site.

FREE Same-Day Delivery

A few years ago, we never would have believed that you’d be able to enjoy free same-day delivery on products. Imagine sitting at home and thinking about something you need, just for it to arrive a few hours later. Thanks to Amazon Prime, that’s now a possibility. If you suddenly find your laptop stops working or your kitchen blender isn’t operating properly, you’ll be able to order one and have it turn up by the end of the day. You can use the tool on the site to check that your zip code is eligible for this service, and if it is, you’ll be able to receive up to three million items on the same day with this service. Of course, it’s completely free for Amazon Prime members. 

Without a Prime membership, this would usually cost $12.99 per item, so it offers buyers an amazing saving for just the price of one month’s membership to Amazon Prime. To find out which items can be purchased with free same-day delivery, look for items that are marked “Today” on their product page. You’ll need to have a minimum of $35 of eligible items in your cart to take advantage of this service, and then when you reach the checkout, select the free same-day delivery option. It’s as simple as that, and you’ll soon have your new Kindle e-reader in your hands without having to wait a few days.

What is the Cut-Off Time for Using Same-Day Delivery?

To take advantage of free same-day delivery, you’ll need to order in the morning (generally before noon) in order to receive your items before 10 pm on the same day. You’ll see on the product page that there’s a countdown timer that tells you how much time you have left in order to receive the item that day. Make sure you select the same-day delivery option at checkout, and it’s important to note this may not be available on days where there are special events or poor weather in your local area. Also, ensure the items in your basket are all marked as being available for “Prime FREE same-day delivery,” or you may have to wait a day or two for them to arrive.

Important Considerations When Using FREE Same-Day Delivery

One of the incredible things about same-day delivery is that it’s also available on Sundays and some holidays. You’ll find that the availability is slightly more limited on Black Friday and Prime Day, just due to the number of shoppers trying to use the service at one time. This Amazon Prime Day, make sure you are online as soon as possible to get the best deals and take advantage of this service. Same-day delivery can’t be used on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Thanksgiving. You will need to be sending your items to a residential address to enjoy this service, and they can’t be sent to a commercial address or P.O. Box.

If your shopping comes in at under $35, you can also pay for same-day delivery, but you’ll generally find it’s worth topping up your shopping basket in order to enjoy your free delivery with Amazon Prime. Sometimes you can’t buy multiple items in one go, just due to local availability, so keep an eye on your shopping basket to make sure you get what you need that day.

More Great Shipping Options with Amazon Prime

Same-day delivery isn’t the only perk you receive with Amazon Prime, and you’ll also benefit from free one-day and two-day shipping. You can also select Amazon Day Delivery, which is a great option if you enjoy receiving everything on one day each week. Another great perk is release-date delivery, which ensures you receive your new books or game on the day it’s launched. 

FREE Same-Day Delivery is one of the best perks of Amazon Prime, and it makes shopping online even more pleasurable. You can simply sit on your sofa at home and make your purchases, for it to arrive a few hours later. Amazon Prime Day is coming up in just a couple of weeks, so it’s a great time to test out this service and receive some of the great deals on the same day as you order them. Take a look at the full range of benefits that Amazon Prime offers users, and you’ll soon find it’s well worth the small monthly charge. First-time users can enjoy a free 30-day trial, which offers a great opportunity to try out these services for free for a month.