Finding the Right Crossbow

Mark Preston

Crossbows are one of the oldest crossbow designs on the market. Many consider crossbows to be more comfortable than bows because they tend to have more weight than other crossbows. Crossbows are often found in archery competitions and target shooting. The popularity of crossbows has led manufacturers to produce many models ranging from the basic crossbow to more powerful crossbows for competition.

Wicked Ridge Crossbows introduced the new Invader 400 series at the 2021 ATA Convention in Las Vegas, NV. The new Invader 400 series, which is the most technologically advanced crossbow design to date, offers an unprecedented combination of features and benefits. The Invader's four crossbow limbs include a high-performance fiberglass bow with an oversized quiver. The bow and quiver are manufactured with a precision-tuned, vibration absorbing and heat reducing core, resulting in an overall weight of just over seven pounds.

The Invader 400 series also includes an accessory called the Wicked Ridge Quiver adapter kit. The kit adds a tenpoint scope to the bow's dual crosshairs, eliminating dead space and allowing for a precise shot. The tenpoint scope is compatible with a wide variety of crossbows.

The standard for judging a crossbow's quality is usually how accurately it can shoot its arrows. While accurate shots are desirable, accuracy is not the only benefit provided by a crossbow. Crossbows with a high quality trigger and foresight can shoot much farther than those lacking these upgrades. The Invader 400 series eliminates the need for an external trigger by utilizing a revolutionary internally adjustable trigger.

While accuracy is important, so too is performance. Crossbows with an improved trigger and foresight will have a faster draw than their stock-less cousins. The pro scope on the Invader 400 series improves upon the scope offered on previous models by improving both the distance and accuracy of its ammunition. In addition, the improved accuracy of the crossbow's axle-line will improve accuracy of follow-up shots as well. This is especially important if the archer is going to be carrying a longbow, since the larger axle will allow for greater accuracy at longer ranges.

Many top quality crossbows have built-in cocking devices. A good quality cocking device will be spring loaded, making for easy aiming and quick firing. The best-selling wicked ridge invader is one of the most accurate crossbows on the market, but it takes a lot of practice to get the best results out of it. The anti-rotation screws and bearings on the new Invader 400 series make it much easier to cock the bow automatically.

Another improvement to crossbows using an ultra-lite stock are their ergonomics. An ultra-lite stock allows for a much more comfortable grip on the crossbow. It also adds less weight, which makes it easier to move the bow with ease. Crossbows that use an ultra-lite stock are often lightweight, making them easier to carry during hunting or other outdoor sports. The bow user has more control over an arrow and a smoother shooting experience.

Finally, some crossbows have a more custom feel to them. Crossbows have traditionally had a "large" crossbow string and a "short" arrow, which limits their effective range. The new "large arrow" crossbows of today feature a "longer" crossbow string, which allows for a much greater shooting distance and more accuracy. Some manufacturers have gone so far as to incorporate a dead-wire stabilizer on the archery end of the bow, allowing for a much smoother draw.

Some manufacturers have gone even further by designing a carbon arrow. Carbon arrows are made from powdered aluminum or silver and they have become very popular. Carbon arrows are extremely accurate and allow for a more accurate shooting arc. They also make for lighter arrows, which can be used in a wide variety of hunting applications including duck hunting.

Choosing the right crossbow does require some thought and skill. Many manufacturers offer many different models and each model uses a different crossbow string, arrow, and stabilizer. For a bow user who is just starting out, it is recommended that he or she select a crossbow with a lightweight stabilizer that can be changed out easily. Crossbows that are equipped with a wicked ridge will produce a wicked shot, but many experienced archers prefer a model that offers a smoother shooting transition. There are many variables to consider in the choosing process, and an invader 400 scope can help a new bow user to determine his or her shooting situation.

The Invader line of crossbows features an Invader 400 carbon arrow that is thirty-three inches long. This long length allows for longer shots and increased accuracy. Crossbows that are designed for hunting are typically loaded with a stiffer arrow and a heavier buffer. In addition, the stiffer and heavier buffer will increase the draw weight, while also reducing the amount of vibration that is associated with the shot. The invader carbon arrows are loaded with a premium grade of silicon gasses and are designed for the fast spinning action of a typical whitetail hunting bow.